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Advantages of Modular with Massiva Husfabrik

Advantages of Modular with Massiva Husfabrik

Time: At Massiva Husfabrik up to 90 percent of our construction processes is completed inside the factory in Estonia; this work can occur simultaneously with site and foundation work which allows projects to be completed up to 30 percent quicker than traditional construction.

Quality:  Our production facilities integrate best practice in design and workflow; this controlled indoor environment streamlines the quality process and reduces waste providing the same quality, durability, adherence to building standards and longevity as conventional construction. This focus on quality and efficiency in production also makes costs more predictable providing the advantage of budget certainty.

Environment: Massiva Husfabrik is committed to reducing our environmental footprint. We utilise the best quality sustainable building materials and our state-of-the-art factories and build methodology allows us to greatly reduce waste by recycling materials and effectively managing inventory levels.

Our relationships with key suppliers ensures all materials arrive ready for installation, minimising waste and maximising time efficiencies. With fewer site disturbances and tighter construction management, off-site modular construction is a greener solution.

Stress free process: Our goal is to streamline the building process and make it stress free for our clients.  Massiva Husfabrik challenges the conventional wisdom that there is only one way to build a building. We constantly re-examine each component of the construction process and ask ourselves, “Is there a different, better, more efficient and less wasteful way to accomplish better results?”

It is with this philosophy that we creating with our Massiva Husfabrik process, our innovative modular building system that is truly cooperative with all participants creating a single team sharing the same goal – to get your new building designed, built, and completed with the greatest efficiency and the least stress.

Why would you choose Massiva Husfabrik to build your housing development, residence hall, family house or rental apartment building?

  • Most combined experience in Scandinavian countries at permanent and temporary modular construction
  • Repetitive teams using repetitive processes and building plans.
  • Pre-established strong relationships with manufacturers.
  • Pre-engineering modules designs that make up the guts of the building.
  • Pre-engaged architects with modular experience.
  • Fixed cost of Professional Services, Design and Engineering.
  • Costs of modular components known quickly.
  • Guaranteed valid price offer in 90 days.
  • Experienced in all major contract forms.