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CLT Panels

CLT Panels

CLT solid wood technology is the most advanced wood construction technology. CLT can be used in all load-bearing and visual structures of the house: Base floor, intermediate floor, roof, exterior walls, dividing walls, railings, terraces and balconies. The exterior walls and roof are the most essential structures to achieve the vapour barrier, clean indoor air and structural safety.


  • CLT = Cross Laminated Timber
  • A mass timber (massivtre) panel that consists cross-laminated layers of wood boards
  • CLT element has minimum three layers
  • Maximum element size is 3.5m x 16m and element thickness is between 60–500mm
  • Load-bearing structure, non-compressible, airtight and insulating
  • The surface can be finished and processed in countless ways

We deliver highly processed modular construction elements using CLT panels as structure material. We use CLT panels from a variety of manufacturers. We select our raw materials according to the project purpose and customer needs. Our special expertise lies in producing visible solid wood surfaces. Our installation specialists are the most experienced CLT element installers in Scandinavia.

The use of solid-wood modules (room elements) or massive wooden walls elements in construction is rapidly becoming more commonplace. The benefits of solid wood combined with industrial module production are the key to solving the lack of apartments, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and increasing the comfort of living and caring the health. Solid wood modules also enable cost-efficient solutions for office buildings and public spaces.

We manufacture and deliver CLT modules for multi-storey buildings, terraced houses and town houses. Mass timber module can be ready apartment over up to 80 square metre inside.