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Architectural and engineering designs

Architectural and engineering designs

Early design consideration and incorporation of modular technology is critical to reducing overall design and construction costs.  The number one reason for the lack of modular technology use on projects is the architect’s lack of understanding of or familiarity with modular design principles.  We will work with your architect or provide design services through our network of architects experienced in the design of modular structures.

We strive for the most efficient and cost effective design for your project.  We will continue to be involved design process and monitor the detailed manufacturing plans as they proceed through the engineering department of the selected modular factory.

Led by our in-house architects and drafting team, Massiva Husfabrik’s design team oversee the creative landscape of all projects from their inception to conclusion. Using a Business Information Modelling (BIM) system Revit, Massiva Husfabriks’s design team can efficiently generate innovative and inspired designs for our customers. A senior Project Engineer is assigned to lead each project. We have deep experience working with the client’s architects.

While the needs of each project vary, we can provide services and support in the following areas. We are preparing:

  • Architecture drawings and situation plans
  • Architecture design development with a client architect
  • Building permits packages
  • Construction drawings for the modules/modular buildings
  • Ventilation/heating drawings for the modules/modular buildings
  • Electrical drawings for the modules/modular buildings
  • Plumbing drawings for the modules/modular buildings
  • Fire sprinkler and fire alarms systems
  • Specification and materials development