Massiva Husfabrik is an independent modular building producer of new commercial-industrial modular buildings, mobile offices, hospitals for rent or purchase.

Whether you need: mobile office or modern permanent multi-unit, multi-storey modular complex, Massiva Husfabrik can meet your needs anywhere in Scandinavia and Island.

Massiva Husfabrik provides modular construction services for temporary and permanent commercial modular structures. Commercial modular construction is the exciting new sector of the construction industry that brings the benefits and advantages of prefabrication and modular construction technologies to the commercial construction markets. Advances in these technologies have enabled project owners to attain a competitive advantage by improving productivity and generating higher ROI. We serve the multi-family, educational, office, retail, commercial, hospitality and healthcare markets around the Scandinavian countries and Island.

Commercial modular buildings comprise nearly every kind of building and use group except single family homes. Massiva Husfbarik does serve the wholesale segment of the single family market for mixed use, niche and resort, and adult community projects. Our factory currently have the capability to build up to ten stories high with a timber construction and massivtre elements. Commercial modular construction is quickly becoming a preferred construction delivery method due to its inherent “green” construction methods, design flexibility, speed of delivery, quality of construction, and its ability to shorten the construction cycle and help control costs.

With more than 14 years of experience in this modular business, Massiva Husfabrik can take care of all your project needs.  Since we receive reduced rates from our suppliers who compete for our business, we can often get our clients a better deal than anywhere else in Scandinavia.

We then provide our clients with a non-biased evaluation of new production capability, or a thorough inspection of previously owned buildings. We oversee the design and engineering. We manage all new construction and project renovations. We conduct regular quality control inspections. We organize all site preparation, transportation and installation. We also manage on-site additions and any other project requirements.