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The team

The team

The management team at Massiva Husfabrik has over 14 years of construction industry experience, both as a manager and production area. This unique combination of industry experience enables us to offer our clients whatever level of service they require for their project, from pre-planning or building systems consulting to a complete turnkey project.

“It’s a challenging piece of market! We’ve made tons of mistakes, then we got good at it. For today we hired and signed contracts with more progressive factories and builders and went through many suppliers until we found the one that we work with now. Lots of expensive learning, but it was worth it.”

“Prefabrication and modular construction processes have been used for many years, but today, with the emergence of new technologies and modular building construction practices, we have the ability to utilize these strategies to create innovative and quality buildings. Manufacturing groups are new to it and don’t have infrastructure to deal with practice – real life an architect on how it all works. It has been part of our challenge to educate our architects on best practices, how to develop plans to work with modular factory, how all processes is going to work and how it can be everything transported. And we put all these components to work together.,” 

With a background in manufacturing and on-site construction works, Massiva Husfabrik management understands the angles.  The company now has experience building hundred of units and the challenges that come through the cycles of what works and what doesn’t work.

In order to manage that consistency and the specificity of the design, Massiva Husfabrik designers uses REVIT models and BIM that allows the manufacturing floor to put the framing together.

To ensure every aspect of the process runs smoothly for the client, Massiva Husfbarik has assembled a world class team of tenured staff and experienced workers who are 100% focused on a modular construction. Our team provides a comprehensive package of services which ensures that we deliver maximum value to each of our clients.