Our Services

As the acceptance of prefabrication and modularization continues to grow in the commercial construction market, more architects, investors and project owners are striving to have building systems technology incorporated into their projects.  Many of these professionals and their contractors have had minimal or no experience with modular construction.

Massiva Husfabrik is an experienced modular services provider and offers a variety of services as Building System Consultants.   We provide consulting, management and construction services in the areas of pre-planning, site analysis, financial analysis, design, building systems consulting, and pre-construction services.

We can provide our services and assistance in any of the areas you choose or be integrated into the entire process from project conception through construction.  We will work with your architect and contractors or provide you with the services you require through our staff and network of experienced architects, factories and contractors.  Our goal is to successfully help guide your project through the modular construction process, to best utilize the available technology and its associated benefits to maximize your project’s return on Investment.

Massiva Husfabrik is dedicated to the efficient and effective integration of modular technologies into our clients new construction projects. We combine our years of modular experience with innovation, imagination and practicality to achieve this goal.

Massiva Husfabrik construction services division provides experience and resources to navigate through the unique process of module delivery and installation of permanent buildings. As a dealer of modular buildings for many years, we have grown to understand the engineering, transportation and rigging requirements as well as design considerations for using modular for permanent buildings. As building size and complexity of projects grew, we added professionals with the expertise and experience in traditional on-site construction. We define our scope of work clearly and inform you of the process associated with modular construction. Our focus remains firmly on our clients through pro-active communication, collaboration, the latest technology, and good old-fashioned hard work.

Massiva Husfabrik provides full project services including site development, foundations, landscaping, parking lots/paving and more across a wide range of industries and has extensive knowledge of the engineering, specification and maintenance and construction requirements associated with projects of almost any size or complexity.

Our modular buildings are designed to meet every customer’s needs from specifications to aesthetics. We specialize in:

  • Modular project pre-planning and analysis
  • Architectural and engineering designs
  • Estimating and budgeting
  • Project management
  • General Contracting/Construction Services
  • Modular projects supervision and consulting service
  • Organization of modular buildings manufactory
  • Transportation and installation of the modular buildings
  • Relocation, maintenance and refurbishment