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Transportation and installation of the modular buildings

Transportation and installation of the modular buildings

The main advantage of the modular buildings system consist in the possibility to rapidly develop the project and assemble the single modules of the building in the construction, through a accurate quality control, till a final pre-testing. The modules are then transported by road to the destination where they are assembled together on steel foundation.

This construction method allows the realization of the building in a short time with great economic benefits, while minimizing accidents and ensuring a low cost and long-term maintenance.

After the modular units are completed in our climate-controlled factory, they are shrink-wrapped and ready for shipment to the project site. We arrange for and manage the transportation services for our projects which include:

  • Temporary and secure storage at the factory before the to delivery to the site.
  • Insurance protection during storage and transport.
  • Staging and storage near the project site if required.
  • Shuttling the modular units to the crane during the installation process.
  • Modular units package service

Massiva Husfabrik’s can undertake transfers and associated program(s) via internal and external sources depending on the distance between customer sites and our manufacturing facilities partners throughout the Scandinavian countries.

Fleet of Trailers

Our partners have more than 100 special transport trailers so that each module is stored and transported on a dedicated trailer until it is craned into position in the building. These trailers will provide secure support for the modular units prior to installing and allow for the frequent required movements without the need for expensive and time-consuming cribbing operations. An added bonus is that the waste factor for building cribs is also eliminated.

Protection from the elements

Since modules are created in climate controlled factories, we continue to provide superior weather protection until the unit is installed. We utilize waterproof membranes on every module and shrink-wrap the modules to protect them from the elements. This allows for greater protection from weather conditions and permits installation and setting operations in less than ideal conditions.


Modules have seamless insurance coverage from production to delivery to site installation.


Massiva Husfabrik is unique in providing an on-site construction supervisor and a minimum of one factory-trained technician on-site for every project. The Massiva Husfabrik partners site crew will be onsite and involved from crane-set through to the end of onsite scope. They act as a liaison to the factory and are an indispensable resource to the General Contractor and other sub contractors. Tasks are performed and executed on an expedited schedule which helps facilitate the general contractor’s full construction and completion schedule.

With our in-house construction expertise, Massiva Husfabrik’s can provide a full turn-key installation package that includes but is not limited to:

– customer driven design
– project planning involving timelines and scope of works for each customer
– reticulation of services
– installation of modules
– external works including pathways, verandas, steps and decking’s
– landscape gardening