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Modular projects supervision and consulting service

Modular Project Supervision and Consulting Service

This service provides you with representation with extensive modular experience throughout pre-planning and pre-construction phases of your project.  Not only do we provide many of the services listed above, but also includes our interaction on your project’s behalf with necessary project staff and local departments, boards and agencies.  Also, we offer the services to evaluate and select the best modular manufacturer for your project.  We then interface with the factory during the order process, manufacturing and delivery.  We review and approve the final specifications and plans with the factory and assist in the selection and approval of final materials, colors and fixtures.

Massiva Husfabrik will supervise the construction of the project on behalf of and as an adviser to the project owner. We utilize our modular construction experience to provide coordinated management and leadership to the supervision of the project. We ensure a timely and effective flow of information between the architect, modular factory, project manager and general contractor. Supervision responsibilities include monitoring and tracking the factory order, monitoring pre-delivery on site construction activities, scheduling delivery and set, providing delivery inspection for order conformance, supervising delivery, crane and set, and supervising and coordinating on site finish trades with project manager and general contractor. The proper implementation of these skills are critical to bring an owner’s prospective to the process and to ensure a successful project that delivers all the benefits of modular construction possible to the owner. Since owner, architect and contractor lack of modular understanding and experience is the main obstacle to the increased adoption of modular technology, it is important to have a project management professional with modular experience involved in the construction process in a project supervision or management capacity.

On-site supervision and coordination

Massiva Husfabrik will provide its own site superintendent and factory technician to be on-site during the delivery, installation, assembly and completion stages of construction. The site superintendent will provide coordination and technical assistance to the general contractor and its sub-contractors to assure quality performance on schedule. Our on-site supervision team will provide supervision, quality assurance, and safety monitoring for all of Massiva’s crews and subcontractors performing our scope of work. Large modular projects will generally be staffed with additional supervisory and technical personnel.

Our clients feel confident in our experience and expertise through the entire construction process because our trained, on-site supervisors are knowledgeable about costs, construction responsibilities and on-site modular construction processes.