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Small Houses and Living Modules

Small Houses and Living Modules

The small house promotes financial prudence, economically safe, shared community experiences. Affordable to build and easy to maintain, small homes come in many different styles and floor plans. Usually, small house plans are focused on living large with open floor plans, generous porches, and flexible living spaces. Stay on budget without sacrificing style by choosing a small house plan with lots of curb appeal, from front porches to large windows. The exact definition of small varies from place to place and person to person, but most of the homes in this category are under 80m2  (some as living modules 30m2) Whether you want a simple small house or living module that’s cheap to build, an auxiliary dwelling unit for an in-law, or a charming country cottage, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our collection of small home plans.

We have 3 different concepts of small houses and living modules.

Option 1 – small house with a 2 oversizes modules and gable roof (looks like s standard small family house)

Option 2 – small house with a standard size modules (2 modules with a size 8400mm x 2990mm + gable roof construction or flat roof)

Option 3 – small house with a 2 small modules and small terrace + flat roof

Option 4 – living module with different sizes as a 1 unit (for example:

  • Module 8400 x 2990mm
  • Module 10000 x 3200mm
  • Module 10000 x 3400mm

Small houses concept became an affordable option for individuals that lost their homes and  people with s special needs. Consequently, small houses intrinsically need to consume less energy to support the homeowner while simultaneously requiring fewer materialistic items. The limited space of this house requires that owners sacrifice the idea of abundant materialism; it allows for the revaluation of personal habits and therefore translates into awareness surrounding environmental sourcing. The concept of a small house or living module translates to all aspects; a minimized space is capable of encompassing the bare minimum, from less surface area, fewer physical items and less energy consumption.