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Element houses and facade elements

Element houses and facade elements

Where we focus:

Given over 10 years experience in the commercial housing market, we have found a certain project type fits our capabilities and those of the factory partners.  Focusing on these types of projects creates the highest value to our clients.

In short, we provide the highest value on projects with these characteristics.

We can:  

  • fully design, produce and deliver a manufactured element house at a scheduled time
  • produce wooden frameworks for wall elements or ready-made elements for a prefab house according to the client project documentation
  • give advice on choosing an optimal design and materials specification
  • deliver elements for a house with windows fitted, exterior boards painted and nailed, and electric power distribution boxes built-in

Massiva Husfabrik is a construction manager factory – in modular-elements houses, we hold the architecture under our contract so our clients have a single point of contact.

Why element house is a good choice for the customer:


  • Automated production line at the factory – ensuring high precision of products
  • Standard product according to the Scandinavian standards (for example norwegian TEK17)  – guarantee the absence of frost bridges
  • Production is fully controlled according to the quality system


  • House assembly takes 3 to 5 days.
  • Our factories will produce and assemble a house under a typical or individual project. Ready-made panels of up to 12 m length help to save time on the construction site.
  • House assembly work can be done all seasons.


  • Only CE certified materials are used at the production of the houses.
  • Post-guarantee service is provided next 2 years after delivery
  • Guarantee of the project during production time


  • The main construction materials will be delivered with the same Scandinavian brands = not the same Scandinavian price
  • Short assembly time – workforce on a site will be hired for a shorter time
  • Light- weight building elements – simple cheaper foundations concept on a site

Size project – Low rise, 3 story standard wood frame / element houses, over basement, podium, or frost wall with crawl space.