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1. Mass Timber buildings enjoy higher rents. The architectural beauty drives the appeal for mass timber, so your units are less likely to go unoccupied making it one of the best ways to gain a competitive edge, even when markets fluctuate.

2. Less delays before revenue. The joy of prefabrication! Since teams can erect buildings quicker, occupancy begins months earlier, and that means the asset moves to being cash-flow positive in less time.

3. Less risk. Every project carries risk, and risk means money. A more precise, more clean job site, involving fewer workers who are installing highly precise panels gives a lot of certainty to the project. Neither steel nor concrete can achieve tolerances as low mass timber elements; the workers can’t deviate from what spec’d in BIM.

4. As a natural material, buildings made of timber feel more comfortable and healthier and occupants respond accordingly. Studies of healthy and high performance office buildings, LEED, BOMA, etc, have shown much lower rates of absenteeism. The mass timber project will gain you points on whichever sustainability standard you apply. With the cost of labour accounting often for more than 90% of overhead, savings on absenteeism against productivity losses become quite valuable.

Mass timber may not suit every project, and within mass timber there are significant options that need to be explored.  Our interest is always to look at the long-term return and we can even de-risk your project by finding a buyer if you’re not looking to hold. Whomever you work with, though, should be able to give you an assessment for what building typology drives the best value.